Top Reasons Why You Should Move to Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is one of the popular tourist destinations and best vacation spots in the U.S. While some call it their getaway, others call the Sparkling City by the Sea their home. Moving to Corpus Christi will make you feel like you’re always on a beach vacation. The area offers picturesque views, diverse culture, rich history, and plenty of sunshine and amenities— you’ll never run out of things to do!

If beach life is your dream life, Corpus Christi will be a great place for you to relocate to. Considering moving to Corpus Christi? Here are the top reasons why you should make the move.

1. Beach Life

Get the perks of being able to live by the ocean. There’s no need for another beach holiday when your getaway is just within your vicinity. There are endless coastal activities to keep you active and entertained from surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing. If you choose to live in a beachfront property in Corpus Christi, welcome the alluring ocean views in your front yard!

Beaches in Corpus Christi ranges from pedestrian-only to vehicle-friendly beaches along with the Padre and Mustang islands. Some of the well-known beach areas in Corpus are North Beach, the home of the USS Lexington, and Texas State Aquarium. Mustang Island State Park one of the few beaches on the right of the Gulf of Mexico with over 5 miles of the gorgeous shoreline, and North Packery Beach / JP Luby, a popular beach on Mustang Island, also one of the best places to surf on the Gulf Coast!

2. Year Round Events and Activities

With Corpus Christi being close to the coast, the area offers events and activities to see and do! Make memories with your family and friends, create unforgettable adventure experiences, and indulge in numerous outdoor amenities. Since the weather in Corpus Christi is mostly sunny all year round, there are plenty of events to enjoy including the Texas Jazz Festival, Buccaneer Bays, Whooping Crane, Fiesta de la Flor Music Festival, Harbor Lights Festival, Illuminated Boat Parade.

The city also hosts some BBQ-tail gating, rodeos, night parades, and festivals. Enjoy outdoor activities from fishing, biking, sailing, surfing, horseback riding, birdwatching, and more. Visit popular waterparks, botanical gardens, the iconic Texas State Aquarium, and a couple of amusement parks to keep you entertained. For art enthusiasts thinking of moving to Corpus Christi, this will be your haven. There are a number of artists and creatives living in Corpus. Museum and art galleries are another form of enjoying what the city has to offer for its guests and residents.

3. Great Food

Corpus Christi has a diverse culture that offers a wide range of cuisines available in the area. Fusion dishes, diverse selections, farm-to-table offerings, and local restaurants with specialties that will tickle your taste buds. The city is also known for serving excellent, fresh seafood where you can cook what you catch from fishing. Get a taste of Corpus Christi’s finely crafted beer from local breweries. Most restaurants have outdoor dining options where you can enjoy your weekend brunch while admiring the captivating Corpus scenery.

4. Cost of Living

Compared to other cities near the coast as well as other same-sized cities, Corpus Christi offers a lower cost of living which means more for your money. Despite the property and sales tax being a little higher, there’s nothing to worry about income tax since Texas doesn’t have one! Housing costs in Corpus Christi is also lower than the U.S. average.

If you are preparing to move to Corpus Christi, to give you an idea, according to the site, housing is 9% lower than the national average while the utility prices are 18% higher. Transportation including gas prices and fares is 5% lower than the national average. Healthcare is also reported to be 7% lower than the national average.

5. Weather and Climate

The weather is mostly warm and sunny in Corpus Christi with the hottest months being July and August. Corpus Christi has a subtropical climate with very mild winters and very hot, humid, and relatively rainy summers. It’s also windy in the area. Being a coastal city, Corpus Christi is particularly at risk of experiencing hurricanes from August to October.

Hurricanes, thunderstorms, tropical storms, and extreme winds can be a downside of living in a coastal city as they can cause disruptions in electricity and communication. You may refer to the natural disaster management page of Corpus Christi so you’re prepared once you move.

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