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Discover Cinnamon Shore South homes for sale! Browse homes, condos, townhomes, beachside properties, and land for sale. Cinnamon Shore South, also known as “South”, is one of the newest developments and most desirable places to live in Port Aransas. Located a mile away from the original community, Cinnamon Shore South is a 150-acre new Gulf-side expansion and is approximately three times larger. Many homes are now complete or currently under construction. Cinnamon Shore South has stunning amenities for you to enjoy including the South resort pool with infinity edges on three sides one-mile trail, a 7-acre lake, and a new Town Center!

Cinnamon Shore South is a pedestrian-friendly planned community nestled alone in the dunes of Mustang Island along the Texas Gulf Coast. It ensures adherence to the focus and principles of New Urbanism— the belief that the physical environment has an impact on people and a well-designed neighborhood creates a healthy place for its residents and businesses to thrive. When you invest in a property in the South, you can own a piece of Texas Coast’s beauty. Looking for more information about properties for sale in Cinnamon Shore South, Texas? Get in touch with our Cinnamon Shore South, TX real estate experts to know more!


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